ActivityViewer2008: There is no exception handle when edit rule with invalid string.



  1. Win2k3 ENT ENU SP2.
  2. VS2008 version 9.0.30718.1 sp
  3. Katmai Samples 81006


1.       Build and run the ActivityViewer2008.exe.
2.       Add the localhost server as a new connection.
3.       Select the Rules of the Localhost tab.
4.       Add a new rule as that: IF SESSION_IDLE_TIME_MS >= 1800000 THEN ALERT
5.       Select the new rules and click the Edit Rules Button.
6.       In the popup form of Edit Rules, removed the content of this rules, or type a invalid string.
7.       Click the OK button of the Edit rules form.


It should pops  a message like that “The rules is invalid”.

Actual Results:

There is no exception or error message pop, and the rule isn’t modified.


It just catch the exception but not throw it in  line 76 of RulesPanel.cs.
Closed Feb 11, 2009 at 6:37 AM by cmslydia


wrote Feb 11, 2009 at 6:37 AM

This sample is removed from sample build SR2(090206), so closed this bug.

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