ASPE: The Readme is inconsistent with the actual result.



1.SQL Server 10.0.1600.22
  1. SQL Samples 090306

Repro Steps:

1>     Configured  the ASPE sample as readme said.
2>     Open the readme.htm from “..\Samples\Analysis Services\Programmability\Extensibility\PersonalizationExtensions”.
3>     Go to the “To verify the context for user3 “ segment and do step by step.
4>     Compare  the description of  step 17 with the actual result.


 The description of readme should be consistent with actual result.

Actual Result:

The description of readme is inconsistent with actual result.


In 17 step of readme, it said “… expand the Marketing folder to see the Reseller Discount per Order member.”
But in MS Management studio, there is no Reseller Discount per Order member, actually it is “Discount per Order”.
Please take a view the attached AspeError1.bmp and ASPError2.bmp.

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